Access Your CPD




Welcome to West Dunbartonshire's CPD Gateway.

West Dunbartonshire Council is committed to ensuring  professional learning opportunities for teacher and school led improvement models, leading to  improved outcomes for children and young people. Staff at all levels are highly committed to engaging in continuous professional learning, enquiry and collaborative learning.  To support this, a wide range of professional learning opportunities are promoted in the authority through professional forums, curriculum networks, teacher learner communities and  action research groups.  The CPD Gateway provides a forum for sharing these opportunities, as well as the following features:

  • professional learning opportunities co-ordinated by the Education, Learning and Attainment team
  • information on courses offered by external providers and through the West Partnership
  • a system for uploading your annual professional learning Plan and Record as part of the Professional Update process
  • links to the other educational websites which may be of interest to you
  • guidance and walk-throughs on how to use this site to support your professional learning

We are committed to supporting, promoting and maintaining the Key Purposes of Professional Update,"maintaining and improving the quality of our teachers as outlined in the  appropriate professional standard and enhancing the impact that they have on the learning of children and young people." and in, "supporting, maintaining and enhancing teachers' continued professionalism and the reputation of the teaching profession in Scotland".

We hope that you find this website user-friendly and of benefit to you when planning your professional learning.  Should you wish to offer any feedback on the site, please contact Fiona Archer (CPD Co-ordinator).